Hi I'm Peter


I'm not your average plumber. I'm a third generation pipe polishing, tweeting, instagram story telling,tool reviewing, YouTube creating plumber,gas engineer with a huge following.

I love straight pipes and good workmanship. 

If you'd like to find out more about my approach to plumbing get in touch or tweet @pbplumber

In May 2017 I was awarded the prestigious Heating Installer Of The Year Award 

The awards champion heating installers who go to extra lengths to deliver excellent customer service

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I take massive pride in my work, finishing off each element of installations to the smallest detail.

It's the part of the job I enjoy most.

You cant beat standing back at the end of the day and admiring a good job done.

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I am lucky enough to be a member of Heroes Of Heat, a charitable initiative where plumbers and heating engineers from across the country meet up and donate their skills and labour to help people or organisations in need.

It's a great feeling to give something back and help someone who needs it, and team morale is so important to me, I love being involved.

I have always been passionate about using the right tools and equipment to make life easier or get the job done quicker.  I let people know about new products and tools via my YouTube channel.

I also do a really popular day in the life video blog i call "The Life of a Jobbing Plumber"

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I love to review tools and products i believe in and believe other people need to know about.

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